Granite Grey "discounted"

Granite Grey board that performs perfect but there is a cosmetic flaw in the “clear coat” that we have sprayed on to the top of the board.  It is a brand new board that we've discounted $19 because of the small blemish.  We guarantee the performance and manufacturing of all the parts just like we do on all of our boards.


Hair Color Board by Off Camber Gear

100% made in USA

Patented design helps you:

-Create accuracy in painting haircolor for any technique (foils, balayage, ombré, block coloring, babylights, etc.)
-Paint faster so you can do more clients or catch up
-Get really close to the scalp without bleedmarks
-Paint multiple colors in one foil (permanent for new growth, semi-permanent for ends, 10 volume, 30 volume etc)
-stand ergonomically correct to preserve your body
-Be consistent with your haircolor pattern (easily duplicate next visit)
-Length of ends are easily painted with complete saturation
-Avoid having an assistant or client hand you foils
-Less foil slippage
-Less color used per application
-Use standard 7x11 foils, long foils, or any size foils

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